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What are essential and non-essential amino acids? Essential amino acids are 8-10 amino acids that one has to obtain from the diet; the body cannot produce them. The non-essential amino acids contained in Parable Amino Acids are amino acids that should be made by the body, but may not be. Therefore when non-essential amino acids are included in the product it is less work for the body, and better results are obtained. There may be metabolic errors that prohibit the ability to efficiently break down proteins into the amino acids necessary to produce complex proteins for biochemical functions. These biochemical pathways may be disrupted by a variety of factors. Thus, we seek to put the body into a state where it can regenerate complex biochemical pathways, most of which are not yet identified.


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My consulting services are free. We start with an environmental history where we work together to identify toxic substances that are either already in the body or are in the individual’s environment, or have caused injury in the past. We attempt to identify what you may have been exposed to cause any illnesses you are currently experiencing. The most common substances that I find that impact people’s health are heavy metals and products of oil such as gasoline, fertilizers, tires, plastics, etc. that inhibit the correct functioning of biochemical systems. Some of the feed-stock of our chemical industries starts as a barrel of oil, from which we produce thousands of products. Thus, we research what you may have been exposed to or are currently exposed to in order to determine how to repair the damage to your body’s biochemistry.

Many people experience changes while taking our amino acids. At times, it is good to have someone knowledgeable about these changes to help you understand what is happening with your body. One of my specialties is working with people who have multiple chemical and food sensitivities.

Many of the people I work with have been to numerous physicians and have not had received favorable results.  Since many of these people have chemical and food sensitivities, they do not respond properly to pharmaceutical drugs. Or sometimes, the drugs just stop working, or they receive opposite reactions of what is expected. Most frequently, our consultations are over the phone, as I don’t need an in person interview.

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What Are Free Form Amino Acids?

Free form amino acids are basic proteins that are not bound together to create a more complex protein. From the basic building blocks of amino acids the body produces over a 100,000 kinds of proteins, such as proteins that create blood, skin, neurotransmitters, and so forth.  Having amino acids in free form allows the body to not have to perform complex digestion in order to combine amino acids to produce proteins – basically, much of what the body requires to function.  People vary, but the amount needed per day is about 30-50 grams.



We recommend that people take EDTA when they start taking amino acids. EDTA was developed in the 1940s to treat lead poisoning in children. Originally, it was in a 500 mg oral tablet from Riker Labs. However, EDTA is effective for many heavy metals. It is important to note that taking EDTA with food renders it ineffective; it should be dissolved in water and taken on an empty stomach, or else it binds with minerals in the stomach, rendering it much less effective. We find that about 95% of our clients taking EDTA benefit from it.

Benefits of Our Formula Amino Acids

Central Nervous System Support

Digestion Booster

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Immune System Defender

Brain Function

energy metabolism support

Energy / Metabolism

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