“I have been using Parable Amino Acids for months. As a result I have a genuine sense of well being and healing of my chronic condition. Furthermore Mr. Cohen who is substantially knowledgeable has been able to council me one how best to use the product.” – G. Collins


After I started taking Parable Amino Acids, I noticed my brain turned back on.  I’m really healthy compared to others my age and I work at it. Fitness and good nutrition are key to keeping bad stress reactions to a minimum.  I do all that.   Before I took Parable Amino Acids, I was getting forgetful and short term memory was noticeably challenged.  I found myself unable to remember strings of numbers for more than 30 seconds.  A simple task for me earlier in life – not good.

Just a little after three weeks into taking Parble Amino Acids, I found my brain started functioning again. I found myself fixing links on my website and doing my own tech support and I’d been trying to learn it for over six years. Until then there was no way I could comprehend it even though I tried and tried.

Suddenly I was doing it without even thinking about it; it was easy. Seems every four months I hit a new level of WOW and in spite of living in one of the most challenging periods of my entire life, My physical health and immune system is more resilient than ever.

It felt as though my brain turned back on and my short term memory improved dramatically.  I then truly felt my immune system kick back into gear. Continuing on the aminos, about four months after that my brain function went to another level again.  I was able to organize things and follow through better than I had in the past 20 years. Can’t wait to see what continues to happen. I see no down side effects. Great stuff!  I am grateful they are available, they are amazing. – JAQ


I take two amino acids daily and I have fewer headaches and my skin is softer. My hair is growing again and my nails are stronger. I have more energy, enthusiasm and endurance. Thanks for producing a great product. – C. Windsor


I was facing a very serious medical condition a year and a half ago when I started taking Parable Amino Acids. I just turned 68 and I’m thrilled to say the results have been phenomenal. I’m healthier today than I’ve been in many years. My energy level is high, my strength has increased and I wake up feeling great. Thank you. – D. McGoon


I’ve been taking the amino acid supplements from ParableAdminAcids for something like eight months now and am very happy with how much more energized I feel. I wish that I’d had them available to me while I was still working and running out of energy every afternoon.


This is an excellent product at a very reasonable price.


Sandra Henry-Stocker

Retired Linux sysadmin and technical journalist


Parable Free Form Amino Acids has been my goto source for amino acids for three years.

One example of improvement associated with taking these amino acids is my nails no longer have ruts in them. Another visible benefit is my skin resists cracking better than I can ever remember in my adult life.

Thanks for making undiluted and highly efficacious amino acid supplements.

Paul Drucker
North Hollywood


Parable amino acids have helped me feel so much better.  I have toxicity issues and some heavy metal exposure.   They also help me not to have to eat as much meat.  I have low blood pressure, low blood sugar as well as anemia.  Cutting down on meat before caused me dizziness.  Now, I’m hardly ever as up and down with my sugars and it’s easier to eat a light diet. I feel more vibrant and clear minded.

– RR


Looking for solutions to a number of health issues, I decided to be more proactive in my approach to finding a more robust plan than the healthcare industry was providing me with.  My search finally led me to Parable Amino Acids.  The owner was kind enough to share a great deal of his time with me in regards to a number of concerns that I had.  It would be an understatement to say; there was no question that I had, he could not answer about the field of Amino Acids.  The product is straightforward, unadulterated and of the highest quality.  Filer and flow agents are common to the industry and give me headaches among a number of other unpleasant side effects.  I have experienced none of those side effects.  Clearly there are none of those agents in this product.  Much less the fact, I feel better overall and my cognitive skills have become more acute as well.  – ACM


I have been taking amino acids to help in my recovery from cancer. I was using a complete amino acid supplement from another company and wasn’t sure if it was doing anything. When I tried this brand I immediately felt a difference. Although I was sick with the flue, the pills gave me energy and I got better faster. I have no doubt that these amino acids actually do something because now I notice that when I don’t take them I get tired and cranky. Thanks to these amino acids I’m having more good days now then I used too. Brooke


I feel increased levels of energy, strength and mental clarity. In addition, my vision has improved, I aced the DMV eye test! I believe in Parable Amino Acids! – J. Cochran