What are Free Form Amino Acids?

The body can be thought of as a biochemical factory that has more than 100,000 independent biochemical reactions taking place continuously. These reactions are influenced by amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and other substances in the diet, and can be impaired by toxins that enter our bodies through our diet, our lungs, and our skin, as well genetic predispositions, and other stresses.

Simply free form amino acids are made by measuring out specific quantities of free form amino acids that are ground to similar mesh size and then blended together in a pharmaceutical blender to ensure that the crystalline structures are of the same size, to facilitate a correct mixing of the amino acids.

From that point, the product is placed in a clear gelatin capsule from a bovine source. For vegetarians, we offer the product in powder form as most vegetarian capsules are made from pine tree bark, which is not a vegetable and very sensitive individuals may not tolerate pine tree bark. The product is free of fillers and lubricants/flow agent. The product does not contain microcrystalline cellulose, which is a term for pharmaceutical grade sawdust.

Our product contains amino acids which are made to ISO 9000 International Pharmaceutical Standards. Typical protein powder and amino acid products usually contain all the amino acids our product has, but are made from sources that are difficult for many people to digest, such as powdered casein (milk) or soybeans.

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